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The Stinger® Overview

Need a safer and better way to clean corroded air switches in the field? Let The Stinger® do it!

The Stinger® puts switches back into operation quickly and safely

Corrosion and rust can shut down a switch, necessitating a field service call in all types of weather. The Stinger® makes it easier for crews to clean the non-functioning switches, regardless of rain, snow, wind or extreme temperatures.

The Stinger enables precise targeting of corroded single or gang operated switches by service personnel. The design and remote operation reduces the potential of flashover while ensuring that the penetrant is delivered directly to the affected areas.

How it works

1. Insert radio module into The Stinger®.

2. Activate both the radio module and the remote controller.

3. Attach The Stinger® to the hot stick.

4. Insert the RustAway® Penetrating Fluid can into the housing and cover with dielectric shield.

5. Extend the pole to the appropriate height.

6. Aim the nozzle and, using the remote, deliver the precise amount of penetrant directly to the corroded area.

7. When finished, remove penetrant can and store The Stinger®.

Need an “eyes-on” option?

The Stinger® has an optional GoPro® camera attachment that not only provides greater visibility of the work area but can also be used to read documentation on the nameplate. The camera syncs with your tablet, phone or other smart device.

Safe, efficient and accurate — Three deliverables in one unit!

The Stinger®

Flashover Safe
The Stinger fully encloses all exposed metal within a dielectric material to mitigate the risk of flashover.

Electrical shock protection
The Stinger is remotely operated, eliminating the safety hazards of rope and rod actuated can-holder devices. The housing has no exposed metal parts and completely encloses the lubricant.

Simple operation
The Stinger remote can be strapped onto the hot stick and operated via thumb control.

Superior delivery
The Stinger offers greater control and precise steady-stream delivery of penetrant, resulting in a more accurate application with less waste.

Effective as a “Trouble Tool”
The Stinger operates in extreme weather conditions.

The essential service tool for all utility companies: telecom, electric, cable

The Stinger® Specifications

  • Unit made of dielectric resin material (AS(R) D149 = 221 kV/in) with no exposed metal parts
  • Dimensions: 10-inch by 14.6 inch, 4 pounds
  • Detachable module contains electronics and battery
  • The Stinger® unit requires two 9V batteries, the remote unit requires one 9V battery

Features of The Stinger®

  • Universal hot stick attachment
  • Adjustable aerosol can housing with a dielectric shield for complete coverage of penetrant can
  • Radio-controlled remote
  • Targeted stream delivery via nozzle
  • Hi-Pot Tested for use up to 250KV